Parc Organix Deluxe Nature Face & Hair Renewal Argan Oil

I was sent this bottle of Organic Argan Oil from a couple of weeks ago.

In pretty and distinct packaging with a brown glass bottle which, as some of you will know is good for keeping  the product fresh and stable.  

A light golden coloured oil that has a good consistency without being too thick, heavy or greasy and no real scent to speak of. 

I was a little nervous to use this on my face as I had a massage with Argan Oil and I had a couple of big sore white heads come up not long afterwards. 

So I firstly used this oil in my hair the night before I washed it.  I massaged a few drops into my scalp and then a few more through the ends. So knowing that I wasn’t heading out the next day I was able to leave it in for the day.  To start with my hair was obviously greasy looking but this settled down a fair bit.  Once washed and air dried, there was no hint of oil left.  I hardly ever blow dry my hair, usually just leaving it to air dry.  And more often than not it’ll dry with plenty of frizziness happening as soon as I brush it through.  There was a noticeable reduction in frizz after using this.  I straightened my hair and the next day ran the tiniest amount of oil through the lengths and ends to keep on top of it.  I’m really pleased with the results this gives for my hair.

I’ve also been using this lovely oil on my cuticles having recently treated myself to acrylic nail extensions. The oil absorbs really fast without any greasiness or residue.

Eye make up removal has also been a doddle – and all without any sign of my skin disagreeing with the oil in any way.  

My feet have been happily drinking this in and after only a few nights of massaging this oil in, paying particular attention to my somewhat crusty heels, I’m starting to see an improvement – I actually had a pretty deep crack in my heel that was becoming increasingly more painful to walk on – that pain had gone by the next morning.  

Over all I’m happily surprised and impressed with the quality of this Argan Oil.   I’m even going  to venture into trying It on my face so keep ’em peeled for an update on that front.  

A little goes a long way and despite not being a cheap or budget product I think that this is a perfect example of you getting what you pay for.  Given that you really don’t need to use too much at a time, the bottle is going to last a fair while.


I received the product in exchange for my honest review and I am not affiliated with

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