Ivory Gloss Subscription Box

I recently became aware of an Instagram account called @ivoryonline. Having visited her profile page I discovered that it is linked to a spirituality, health & well being online magazine (Ivory Magazine) along with a subscription box (Ivory Gloss) service. I do love a subscription box and I do like to get a couple of the boxes to try out and report back to you lovely lot.

According to their website, the Ivory Gloss box is a self-care subscription box with a step-by-step ritual based on a different area of spirituality each month.

It just so happened that there was a 50% discount on the May box, which contained all you would need for a meditation ritual. Perfect as a gift for someone I know who has been going through some very difficult times with her health, resulting in a pretty serious surgery.


When I received the box, I was very tempted to keep it for myself and order another, but I think they had all sold out, and besides, that would have meant that I wouldn’t have been able to get the next month’s box. You know, budgets and all that…..

Inside, was a full breakdown on how to go about this meditation. I must point out that for someone like me who has never really got into meditation, this was really helpful. I’m a good follower of instructions.




The kit, first of all, contained a wooden disc incense holder with a little tin of Rose scented incense cones. Of course, I opened it up to have a sniff – lovely Rose scent without being overpowering. I’m guessing they’ll smell slightly different once they have been lit and are burning. Rose is known for it’s calming and soothing properties and so I think that was a fabulous choice.


Next up was a packet of ceremonial grade cacao. I had never heard of this so went and had a read up. Interesting stuff and seemingly very appropriate for meditation in my opinion. Instructions on how to prepare your chocolate drink were included on the card.


A jar of organic mixed spice (Cassia, Coriander, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Cloves, Ginger & Cardamom) was included, for adding into your chocolate drink along with a bar of Conscious Raw Chocolate as an alternative to the drink should you be on medications that may be contra indicated for use with the ceremonial grade cacao.









After the meditation it is advised to drink plenty of water and herbal tea and so there was a good sized packet of Mint Mix Loose Tea along with a very sweet, heart shaped infuser.


Overall, I think that this was a lovely introduction to this subscription box and actually the online magazine makes for some good reading if wellness / spirituality interests you at all. 

This lovely unique box will soon be winging its way over to my friend in the hopes that its contents will play their part in helping her to begin to refocus and, most importantly, heal. 

I feel that it’s definitely worth considering trying this box, especially as there’s an offer for 30% off your first box right now. Go check out the Instagram page or indeed the ivorygloss.com website.



I’m really looking forward to my next box.









The chocolate i received in the box was Orange flavoured. Silly me did not put the box away and/or hide the chocolate and so it got eaten... I then purchased a replacement bar to include when i send this as a gift. This post is not affiliated with Ivory Gloss. I bought the box and am giving my honest opnions.   

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