Glossy Box Subscription July 2017

The July Glossybox arrived!

Pink Glossybox Packaging





I received this month’s subscription for the Glossybox with trepidation as I’d seen a couple of pics at the very beginning of the month which were somewhat of a spoiler. I didn’t look in detail so as not to spoil too much but I was already aware of the makeup brush, so we’ll start with that.







This super soft fan makeup brush is ideal for use with highlighter powders as well as setting powders. It’s made by Spectrum who are a cruelty free brand. The colours remind me of Unicorns!







Banana setting powder by Bella Pierre Cosmetics.  I’ve never tried a setting powder before so interested to give this a go!         










Hair Bands by Papanga. These are spirals that promise not to snag or break the hair. My hair is tied up fairly often so these will definitely get used.











Aftersun by Monuskin. Not a brand I’ve used before although I have heard of them. Despite not looking likely that I’ll have a holiday abroad this year, I definitely intend to spend time outdoors so this may well come in handy. Contains Aloe Vera. Shea Butter and Vitamin E.









Macaroon Berry Crush Lip Balm. Cute packaging and really good burst of colour in this balm.







All in all, not my favourite selection of products from Glossybox, but possibly because I’m not used to using makeup brushes and powders. Maybe just the fear of the unknown. Lip balms I can generally take them or leave them. The contents still represent good value for money though and I am very much a believer in passing on anything I won’t use (after testing out of course) – so nothing will go to waste.


If you’re interested in subscribing to Glossybox, they have got a great deal on for half price on your first box. Click on the *banner below.







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