Glossy Box March 2017

The Gorgeous Black and Pink March box is all about focusing on prepping and priming for your makeup and hair styling. The Editorial Director for Glossy Box, Evie Leatham, points out that we all sometimes need a bit of help with hyrdrating the skin in preparation for foundation as well as wishing we could just always have good hair days and I believe she’s not far wrong!



So… What do we have?…..



oOlution ~ Eye Love

Full Size 

Anne-Marie Gabelica, founder of oOlution, is an agronomy engineer as well as a biochemistry expert who has worked in the cosmetic industry for 7 years before taking the path of conscious and sustainable entrepreneurship in 2010.

This 100% natural formula has been specifically formulated to steer clear of synthetic ingredients and palm oil. It is hydrating and rich in antioxidants which will help to diminish dark circles and reduce puffiness. I counted approx 25 different natural organic oils among the ingredients, along with natural organic Shea Butter and also Organic Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil which has antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and emollient properties. It also has an astringent effect that can help to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. I’ve only used it for a couple of days so far, but it’s a luxurious consistency which absorbs well and i have felt it tighten the skin under my eyes. Maybe not the cheapest, but with such an amazing ingredient list plus the fact that a little goes a long way, maybe worth a punt.

*rrp £30.00





Sleek MakeUP ~ Eye & Cheek Palette

Full Size

I visited the website for Sleek makeUP to see who they are. They refer to themselves “As one of the fastest growing brands on the high-street, Sleek MakeUP creates innovative, superior performance makeup, with strong pigmentation and high quality. Sleek MakeUP understands skin tone, catering from fair to dark and everyone in between, with products that aim to make the latest beauty trends truly accessible”

I really like the look of these colours but as some of you might already know, I am utterly useless with eyeshadow application and so I will be saving this for one of my giveaways.


                                                                                                                  *rrp £10.00





This Works  ~ In Transit Camera Close-Up

Created by Kathy Phillips, an international journalist and beauty expert, This Works went about creating cleaner skincare without the use of unnecessary chemicals but without compromising performance. This Works was among the pioneer brands to replace sulphates, phalates, GMOs and parabens with cleaner alternatives.

In Transit Camera Close-Up is referred to as a “hero product” and apparently is a firm favourite of Victoria Beckham. This primer is meant to plump, balance and brighten skin, leaving you camera ready. It can be layered over your usual moisturiser or facial oil. I’ve not yet tried this with foundation on top but what I can say is that it has a good texture and doesn’t pill or get gritty.

                                                                                                            rrp £30.00*





Figs & Rouge ~ Hydra-Active Smart Nutrient Vital Moisture

Day Cream

A British company that produces balanced formulations containing Hyaluronic Acids, Retinol and Salicylate Acids which helps control minor imperfections including hyper-pigmentation, blemish-prone and sensitive skin.

For a lightweight but long lasting dose of hydration, this contains hyaluronic acid as well as vitamins A, C & E. I can’t wait to give this a good test run.

                                                                                                rrp £28.00*





Schwarzkopf ~ Got2B Styling Primer

Full size

Priming your hair, will, apparently make styling ten times easier. I’m someone who doesn’t really “style” my hair as it’s pretty long. The most I might do is run the straighteners over it once or twice a week. But I thought I’d give this a try. It can be used on damp or dry hair and mine was already dry. After running my ghd’s over I was pleasantly surprised at how my hair seemed to have gained a bit of texture and volume. However,  I think I may well have used a bit too much as my hair did feel a bit on the crispy side. But I can see this being something I might use in future.

                                                                                                                                      rrp £4.18*




I was pleased with this box, as I have been with the first 3 that i have received. And considering that it is £10.00 per month I have always felt that I’ve definitely had my money’s worth! I look forward to next month!




*rrp relates to the full size product available for purchase as advertised by the brand


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