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A couple of months ago I was contacted by the lovely people that are Evolve Organic Beauty to ask if I would like to try out a new eye serum that they had formulated. I jumped at the chance! Having fallen head over heels for their Hyaluronic Serum last year, this (actually fairly local) company have several products that are on my wish list, including their Radiant Glow face mask and their Gentle Cleansing Melt. I have used their Citrus Blend Bodywash which was lovely and currently have a jar of the Daily Renewal Facial Cream which I chose to be included in one of my Latest In Beauty Subscription boxes. I will report on this in due course!

On to the Eye Complex!

As with all of Evolve’s products, the packaging is simple. It really appeals to me. Many of the containers used in natural or organic skin care products are usually darker coloured and I have read on numerous occasions that this is better for protecting the contents from heat, light, oxidation and moisture. Plus, glass is more environmentally friendly than plastic as well as avoiding any plastic residues getting into the product. This, I think is important particularly skincare.

Included with my little bottle was an information sheet explaining about some of the ingredients and I confess that I did not read it before use – I think I wanted to see the results (if any) I achieved beforehand.

Exotic Tuberose Flower plant stem cells help to reduce the appearance of eye bags, fine lines and puffiness while firming and brightening the delicate eye area. Hyaluronic acid (known for its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water), helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, making the skin look younger with an improved skin tone, whilst cucumber extract cools and soothes. The metal roller ball applicator helps to correct puffiness and signs of fatigue’

I’ve never used an eye cream/serum that has a roller ball. I don’t think it’s ever been a conscious choice, I’ve just never seen something I wanted to try. So my first impressions of using a roller ball… I didn’t really see the point to be honest… However,  one day I woke up with pretty puffy eyes, having had an evening of tears watching the movie “Lion”, but let’s not even get me started down that road of endless tears and snot….

Upon using the serum and said roller ball, I found it very cooling and soothing and found myself really getting into rolling out the puffiness. From then on I decided that actually the roller ball was a good idea. I found that it dispenses a good amount of product without wastage too which is always a plus in my book.

The serum itself I found to be very light – something I was then wondering about – would it work effectively if it was thin and not the traditional texture of serums that i was used to?  There was no scent to it which I think is best for things going around the eye area.

At the end of July, I went away for a couple of nights and I forgot to bring the serum with me. I noticed that a reasonably deep vertical line that I have under one of my eyes (why vertical though?), was very noticeable, which must have meant that using this serum had been helping to soften it up. Sure enough, after re-commencing use, and within the first few days I saw that this line had all but disappeared again. If I was a bit more experienced I would have done the whole before and after photos thing… maybe I will anyway and do a fresh post on my social media…..

So yes. I was sent this product for free, in exchange for my completion of a short survey from Evolve confirming my thoughts. I have chosen to go ahead and write a post about it off my own bat, as I really do like everything I’ve tried from this brand and I like to spread the love for UK beauty and skincare companies, especially if they are local.

I have not yet seen the Eye Complex  available on their website, but I believe that it will be priced at £16.00 for 10ml.  I’ve been using it twice a day for the last 4 weeks and there is still plenty left. A little goes a long way! I have already added this  to my list of products I would repurchase.

Evolve offer free worldwide shipping over £35 and they are currently offering 3 free samples with every full size order (but also the option to purchase just samples).

Apart from receiving this product to test, I am not affiliated with them but based on my own dealings with the company and of course, my own experience with products that I have purchased myself, I am delighted to provide a direct link to their website so you can have a look for yourself   EvolveBeauty.co.uk

Thanks for reading

Kirsty x

No payment was made for this post. The product was received for testing purposes on condition of completing the company's survey only. This post is not affiliated with Evolve Organic Beauty.

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